Gerund or Participle

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The gerund is the -ing form of a verb and is used as a noun. For this reason it is also called a verbal noun.
Present :
He couldn’t help telling the truth. (Active)
He dislikes being told what to do. (Passive)
Perfect :
He regretted having told us the secret. (Active)
He complained of having been ordered to vacate his room. (Passive)
Gerund vs Present Participle
You may be confused as to whether an ‘-ing’ form of a verb is a gerund or a present participle. Remember that the participle has the force of an adjective while a gerund has the force of a noun:
Singing is one of my hobbies. (Gerund)
The girl singing now is my sister. (Participle)
a running-track
running water
a diving-suit
planning trip

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris, Example Dialogue How to Make a Chocolate Ball

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Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris
Example Dialogue How to Make a Chocolate Ball
Practise the following dialogue with your partner.

How to Make a Chocolate Ball
(Oky is in front of Sasha‘s house right now. It has been
quite long since they have contacted each other.)
(Oky knocks at the door)
“Yeah, just a moment please,” Sasha said.
(Sasha opens the door)
“Hi, Sasha. How are you?” greeted Oky.
“Oh, hi Oky, where have you been? I’m ?? ne, thanks. Come on in,”reply Sasha.
“Thanks Sas, I’ve been so busy lately. I am taking many courses before my ?? nal exams. By the way, it’s been so long since I ate your delicious food. So, what do you think if we try one of your fantastic recipes today?”
“I see. Well, since you’re my best pal, I don’t mind. So, what snack do you prefer?” “OK, then. What about a chocolate ball? I like them very much.”
“Yes, sure. Why not? My mom and I just made some yesterday, so I still have the ingredients.” “OK. Let’s go to the kitchen.”
“First of all, you should prepare a can of chocolate milk, three packs of milk biscuits, one pack of colourful chocolate sprinkles, and toothpicks just for accessories.”
“Yup. Mmm...what if we use solid chocolate instead of chocolate milk?”
“No. We can’t use solid chocolate. It tastes bitter.”
“Oh, OK. Let’s continue.”
“Now, smash the biscuit until it seems like a powder. Then, stir it. Next, add the chocolate milk and at the same time stir it thoroughly, until the mixture becomes hard.”
“Uhm-hm...what about if the mixture is runny? What will happen?”
“Well, make sure it’s not too runny. It should be somewhere in between hard and mild. So, it will be easy to form balls with.”
“OK. Then...?”
“After that, we can start to form it like balls, just like this. Finally, roll the ball in to colourful chocolate sprinkles. Place it in the small cookie paper, stick in the toothpicks for handles. It’s ?? nished.”
“Wow...that’s easy. I thought it was complicated.
Thanks a lot. Shall we eat now?”
“Yeah, as easy as that. Let’s eat.”

Ucapan Selamat dalam Bahasa Inggris, Example of Congratulate

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Ucapan Selamat dalam Bahasa Inggris, Example of congratulate:
People often write cards to congratulate. Here are same examples.

Dear Joko,
I heard that you have passed the final exam and got the highest score in English subject at your school. Congratulations! You deserved it.
Auntie Ema

Dear Nunung,
Congratulations on your winning the first prize of the English debate competition. I learned about it from your Mom.

Contoh Permintaan dalam Bahasa Inggris, Example of Requesting

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Contoh Permintaan dalam Bahasa Inggris, Example of Requesting :
1. Can I invite some friends round?
2. Can I use your telephone?
3. Can you help me with this math problem?
4. Can we stop by the post office?
5. Can you turn off the TV?
6. Can you close the windows?
7. Can I use your dictionary?
8. Can I borrow your bicycle?

Give responses to the following expressions of requesting.
1. A: Can I use your ruler?
    B: ................ I am using it now.
2. A: Can you bring these books for me, please?
    B: .................
3. A: Would you like any help?
    B: ................, but I think I can manage myself.
4. A: Do you think I could use your motorcycle?
    B: ................. You don’t have the license yet.
5. A: Can you accompany me to the fashion shop?
    B: ................
6. A: Can I borrow your electronic dictionary?
    B: ................. Here you are.
7. A: Can you type this letter for me, please?
    B: .................

Contoh Pujian dalam Bahasa Inggris, Examples of compliments

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Contoh Pujian dalam Bahasa Inggris
Here are some examples of the kinds of compliments common in social situations.
1. This is the nicest classroom.
2. You have a beautiful house.
3. I like your new dress.
4. This soup tastes delicious.
5. That salad looks wonderful.
Read the following dialogues about complimenting.
Susi : Excuse me, but I was just admiring your bag. It’s really nice.
Agnes : Oh, thank you.
Susi : Could you tell me where you got it? I have been looking for one like that for a long time.
Agnes : It’s from the Java Store in Jakarta.
Susi : Oh, thank you very much.

Example Use of Greetings

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Example Use of Greetings
A. Example Use Greetings "Good afternoon"
Santi : Good afternoon, Sir.
Mr Joni : Good afternoon. You are ....
Santi : Santi, Sir. My name is Santi. How are you?
Mr Joni : I am fine, thank you. And how about you?
Santi : I am fine, too.
Mr Joni : Well, Santi. I have to go now. Pleased to meet you.
Santi : Pleased to meet you, too, Sir.
B. Example Use Greetings "Good evening"
Susi : Good evening, Santo.
Santo : Good evening, Susi.
Susi : Is Ari at home?
Santo : I’m sorry, Susi. Ari is not at home.
Susi : Oh, well. That’s OK. Good night, then.
Santo : Good night.

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