Gerund or Participle

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The gerund is the -ing form of a verb and is used as a noun. For this reason it is also called a verbal noun.
Present :
He couldn’t help telling the truth. (Active)
He dislikes being told what to do. (Passive)
Perfect :
He regretted having told us the secret. (Active)
He complained of having been ordered to vacate his room. (Passive)
Gerund vs Present Participle
You may be confused as to whether an ‘-ing’ form of a verb is a gerund or a present participle. Remember that the participle has the force of an adjective while a gerund has the force of a noun:
Singing is one of my hobbies. (Gerund)
The girl singing now is my sister. (Participle)
a running-track
running water
a diving-suit
planning trip

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