Example Use of Greetings

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Example Use of Greetings
A. Example Use Greetings "Good afternoon"
Santi : Good afternoon, Sir.
Mr Joni : Good afternoon. You are ....
Santi : Santi, Sir. My name is Santi. How are you?
Mr Joni : I am fine, thank you. And how about you?
Santi : I am fine, too.
Mr Joni : Well, Santi. I have to go now. Pleased to meet you.
Santi : Pleased to meet you, too, Sir.
B. Example Use Greetings "Good evening"
Susi : Good evening, Santo.
Santo : Good evening, Susi.
Susi : Is Ari at home?
Santo : I’m sorry, Susi. Ari is not at home.
Susi : Oh, well. That’s OK. Good night, then.
Santo : Good night.
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